» Would You Cease to Exist if Facebook Disappeared?
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Would You Cease to Exist if Facebook Disappeared?


“Drowning in the Rat Race” Self Portrait. 2011, Kapolei, Hawaii.


What if your Facebook account suddenly disappeared? Hacked, gonedeleted forever! Would you cease to exist? Many people invest so much time and money, socializing and promoting their precious Facebook page that they would probably feel like their whole life ended if anything were to happen to it (also see Day 174). We all have them right? I do, but I don’t let it suck me of my time and willingness to learn more about master artists, composition, and photography. I have a personal account as well as three other pages for my art (music, photos, composition). The thing is it wouldn’t hurt me one bit if this form of social media would suddenly vanish (this isn’t where I invest my time…the most valuable commodity humans will ever have). Many avid social media users (addicts) would seriously disagree though, but trust me…Facebook will disappear just like the AOL chat rooms full of acronyms like ASL and ROFLMAO.

Social Media is such a plastic way of connecting with humans. Take a photography business for instance. Some people have done contests and giveaways to get those 200,000+ likes they have on their page. They’ve paid for ads, and promotion of their page to get more likes, and more exposure (“Likes” equals credibility in social media circles…unfortunately). They are on there every hour socializing, “liking” posts with the disingenuous intentions of leading more people to their page and creating more sales. Basically a whore (excuse the language) to networking.

Some people have no friends outside of social media. They depend on the likes of their photos or posts to feel complete. What would their life, your life, be if there was no need to respond to posts, or “like” ridiculous meme’s and mind-softening videos.

What is the problem with social media you ask?

  1. Social media takes your precious time away without you realizing where it went. Before you know it an hour has passed and you’re still scrolling. What’s the problem? This is time from your life that you’ll never get back. Time you could be using to strengthen the mind with books, creating art, or contributing to humanity in a positive way. Now that I think about it, social media is making me waste my precious time by writing this article. Oh well, it’s for the greater good right?
  2. It corrupts the mind. It’s a rare thing these days to find an educational post on Facebook. Of course, I can only speak for myself…my Facebook feed is full of garbage that drowns out anything of worth. It’s easy to place the blame on the friends I’m associated with, but I think it’s really the trends of the world today. How did we get here…this cesspool of dipsticks acting foolish for attention. Was it The Jerry Springer Show that spawned this downward spiral? Rusty buckets of reality TV slop served up to brainwashed herds of drooling sheep, year after year. We are making way too many stupid people famous these days. I’m a sucker for a cheap laugh, but not when it’s an idiot creating harm to themselves or other people. Another bunch of dummies that comes to mind are the Jackass boys. I used to laugh at this stuff just like everyone else…now I just shake my head at the steaming heap of overplayed jokes. Eh, maybe I’m just getting older…and man does it feel good. Wisdom nurtures my mind. I’ve wasted too many years of my life playing video games, watching reality shows, and getting caught up in the commercialized, never ending, rat race.

A solution is to think of other alternatives for associating with the people you want to remain in contact with….minus wasting your time and corrupting your mind. Social media isn’t the only form of contacting the close friends and loved ones in your life. You can text, email, or send a picture. This is quick enough and more personal.

Next, read a new book that will strengthen your mind. Subscribe to a blog you’re interested in (I subscribe to Seth Godin for Marketing and Eric Kim for Street Photography). Stay away from the mindless one’s that feed you nonsense like BoredPanda, or PetaPixel which will waste more of your time by entertaining and not educating. Watch for the commercialism on these sites as well. PetaPixel will make you leave thinking you need to buy new gear for your photography (see Day 273).

The source of your knowledge should be that of nourishment and inspiration, not mind-numbing corruption of motivation and creativity.

This goes for any form of social media. Flickr, Instagram, MySpace, Twitter, Google Plus. It’s ok to sign up and have accounts, but use it, don’t let it use you.  Use it to share your art or knowledge. Using it to keep in contact with your close friends or loved ones is an option that should come after your more personal attempts of texting, emailing, or sending a picture.

Are you unsatisfied with social media these days, or can you recommend your favorite blog that feeds your brain with nutrition? Let us know in the comments below or email me. Thanks for joining in today, see you next time!

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